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Cagayan Valley Disaster Response Center (CVDRC)

CVDRCThe CAGAYAN VALLEY DISASTER RESPONSE CENTER* (CVDRC) is a non-stock non-profit organization serving the most vulnerable sectors who do not have or lack the capacity to protect themselves and overcome the damaging effects of man-made and natural calamities. CVDRC focuses its service on communities in the rural areas by improving their capacities on how to deal with disasters and addressing the root causes of their vulnerabilities.

CVDRC is a non-government organization and a member of Citizens’ Disaster Response Network (CDRN), a federation of 16 regional centers in the Philippines involved in disaster management work.  CVDRC pioneered and continues to promote community-based disaster management throughout the region. Established in 1987, CVDRC focuses its assistance to the most affected, least served and most vulnerable sectors of the populace through preparedness and mitigation, emergency relief, and rehabilitation programs. A network of overseas and local supporters enables CVDRC to carry out its programs and in the process help communities increase their disaster management capacities.


CVDRC envisions a just, humane and prosperous society where the people are free to chart the course their society takes by harnessing the country’s resources;

WHERE the people equitably share the nation’s wealth and have access to essential social services, are provided full economic opportunities and in turn, contribute their best for the country’s development.

WHERE people are free to exercise their rights, meaningfully participate in decision making and actively take part in a truly democratic society.

WHOSE people are proud of a rich Filipino culture that mirrors the people’s history and cultural heritage, promotes nationalism and scientific thinking.

WHERE people are responsible in sustaining healthy environment and abundant natural resources.

WHERE people possess the utmost capacity to build disaster-resilient communities through a community-based disaster management.


CVDRC assists the vulnerable sectors to comprehensively respond to disaster situations and addresses the root causes of their vulnerabilities. CVDRC offers itself to the most needy, deprived and poorest segments of Philippine society whose socio-economic conditions make them highly vulnerable to hazards and disasters, giving special attention to children, women, elderly and differently-abled. CVDRC seeks to fulfill this mission through:

  • Strengthening the people’s capacities to withstand the effects of disasters;
  • Enhancing people’s participation in disaster management;
  • Building organizational capacity of the vulnerable sectors through the formation of grassroots disaster preparedness committees (DPCs);
  • Raising social awareness through education; and
  • Building partnership between vulnerable and less vulnerable sectors


  1. Equip the vulnerable sectors with disaster management skills necessary to help them prepare and mitigate the damaging effects of disaster;
  2. Educate the public on major disasters affecting the region;
  3. Provide direct assistance to disaster-affected communities;
  4. Provide support to sectoral and local initiatives in building and strengthening their organizational capacities to be able to address the causes of their vulnerabilities; and
  5. Forge alliance with other organizations and institutions that seek to end widespread poverty, political repression and injustice

Programs & Services

EMERGENCY RESPONSE activities are carried out to arrest further deterioration of life, property and remove affected families from life-threatening situations. Emergency response consists of:

  • Conducting Damages, Needs, and Capacities Assessments (DNCA)
  • Relief Delivery Operation (RDO)
  • Resource Generation
  • Evacuation, Search and Rescue
  • Medical and Dental Mission

REHABILITATION   is designed to rebuild people’s livelihood and strengthen their coping strategies after disasters. It consists of projects like:

  • Food Production
  • Improving Agricultural Productivity
  • Rehabilitation of Irrigation Systems
  • Water System Installation
  • House Repair
  • Reforestation
  • Rice Milling
  • Goat dispersal
  • Chicken dispersal
  • Farm Tools dispersal
  • Seeds dispersal

DISASTER PREPAREDNESS AND MITIGATION measures are implemented to enhance the capacity of vulnerable communities to withstand the damaging effects of disasters. Disaster preparedness and mitigation is done through:

Ladderized Education and Training Program

Community Based Disaster Management

  • Disaster Management Orientation
  • Disaster Preparedness Training
  • Counter Disaster Planning
  • Disaster Preparedness Committee

Community Health Workers

  • Basic First Aid
  • Herbal Preparation and Production
  • Psychosocial Therapy

Agricultural Training and Workshop

  • Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming
  • Agro – Forestry
  • Sloping Agricultural Land Technology (SALT)

LOCAL PARTNERSHIP AND DEVELOPMENT are implemented in establishing and building relationships with local and international donors and partners

  • Mobilization of Volunteers supporting disaster-affected population and at-risk communities
  • Generation of financial and material resources for the different aspects of community-based disaster management
  • Formation of Disaster Volunteer Teams

*Formerly Center for Relief and Rehabilitation Services – Cagayan Valley (CRRS-CV)



81 Calubaquib St., Pallua Norte, Tuguegarao City

Tel. No. (078) 846 2758