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Update: Heavy rains in Maguindanao displace more than 47,000


Jun 10


The 10 low-lying villages namely: Bulalo, Salimbao, Calsada, Katuli, Gang, Macaquiling, Limbo, Senditan, Banubo and Mulaog are still waist-deep underwater. Fortunately, the national highway in Salimbao is only knee-deep allowing the passage of all types of vehicles. Most o the 9388 families/40,000 individuals still refuse to evacuate, however, if the situation worsens then a forces evacuation will be implemented by MDCC. Possible evacuation  centers have been identified: Dawah Center in Simuay, SK and Mahad Central Pilot Elementary School in Cotabato city.

Background on issue:

On the 26th of May, flash floods ravaged through the 10 villages of Sultan Kudarat and Sultan Mastura, in Northern Maguindanao. The heavy rains lasted from Wednesday until Saturday, flooding the low-lying areas. A total of 47, 552 individuals/9388 families have been reported as being affected. On the 28 May, affected families were evacuated to Dawa Center, Simuay for safety. Fortunately, by the morning of the 29th, the floods had subsided enough to allow the evacuees to return to their homes.  A damages and needs assessment was conducted in the affected areas by the MDCC Sultan Kudarat Team. So far damages have been calculated at 15 homes and 40 hectares of agricultural crops completely destroyed.

National Disaster Coordinating Council Incident Report, updated as of May 29th, 2010 @ 8:00pm