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Video: Microdis Priority Policy Needs in the Philippines


Jan 11


This 7-minute video produced by Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) under the Microdis Project presents the eight (8) priority policy needs of the Philippines in disaster management:

1. Emphasize mitigation strategies on the national disaster management framework.
2. Address gender need in disaster planning.
3. Hazard mapping must be done for priority areas with results properly disseminated to population at risk.
4. Conduct study on identification of gaps in operational implementation of government’s disaster programs.
5. Review of the policy implication of existing government disaster risk reduction programs as well as streamlining and enhancing strategies on disaster management.
6. Need for behavior modification to lesses vulnerability and strengthen resiliency.
7. Need for integration of basic disaster related courses into educational curriculum in all levels.
8. Enhance and strengthen communication at the community level to increase awareness/knowledge on the signs for incoming disasters.

MICRODIS is an Integrated Project funded under the EU Sixth Framework Programme.

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