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MICRODIS Promotional Video


Jan 10


A 3-minute promotional video of the Microdis survey on health, social and economic impact of disasters on communities conducted in three countries in Southeast Asia. The video features the five survey sites in the region, namely: Albay and Southern Leyte in the Philippines, Quang Nam and Hanoi in Vietnam, and Bojonegoro in Indonesia.

MICRODIS is a project with the overall goal to strengthen preparedness, mitigation and prevention strategies in order to reduce the health, social and economic impacts of extreme events on communities:

• to strengthen the scientific and empirical foundation on the relationship between extreme events and their health, social and economic impacts,
• to develop and integrate concepts, methods, tools and databases towards a common global approach,
• to improve human resources and coping capacity in Asia and Europe though training and knowledge sharing

The MICRODIS consortium consists of sixteen leading academic and policy expert institutions from across Europe and Asia who are specialized in key areas of disaster-related health and social science disciplines.

MICRODIS is a European Commission-funded project under the European Community’s 6th Framework Programme.

This video is presented in behalf of the MICRODIS consortium by CDRC. Information given in this presentation reflects the authors’ views only. The Community is not liable for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.