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Project Monitoring in action medeor Health Project Areas in Negros Occidental


Apr 16


25 April 2016 – CDRC, regional partner Center for People’s Resources and Services, Inc. (CPRS) and action medeor project staff visit project areas in Sta. Rosa, Murcia town in Negros Occidental. Community partners and beneficiaries from Haciendas Ilimnan, Anamarie Regalado-Benedicto (ARB), Perez and Ylanan share their experiences during Phase 1 project implementation and plans for Phase 2. action medeor and back donor Aktion Deutschland Hilft assisted communities hardest hit by typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan) in 2013 through its relief and early recovery assistance. Its second phase focuses on improving health care and disaster response capacities in community-level in 11 communities in Negros Occidental, Iloilo and Mindoro Occidental.

action medeor is a charitable, non-governmental organisation established in 1964 to provide basic drugs and medical equipment to people in developing countries. medeor is also involved in fighting poverty-related and tropical diseases HIV/Aids, tuberculosis and malaria. Similar to CDRC’s tagline, medeor works with the principle of helping people to help themselves.

action medeor Project Monitoring in Hda. Ilimnan, Murcia in Negros Occidental

action medeor Project Monitoring in Hda. ARB, Murcia in Negros Occidental

action medeor Project Monitoring in Hda. Perez and Ylanan, Murcia in Negros Occidental