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Photo Gallery: Rehabilitation for the Dumagats


Feb 10


On February 21, CDRC will implement a rehabilitation project and conduct a relief delivery operation in Sta Inez, Tanay, Rizal for the Dumagats affected by Typhoon Ondoy.  Up to this day, the community has not recovered from the devastation of the typhoon.

CDRC will help complete the construction of the school building destroyed by the typhoon, provide  50 school children and 20 adult learners with school supplies, distribute seedlings and farm tools to the farmers, and provide kitchen utensils and clothes for the households.

This project is supported by the Philippine Emergency Response Taskforce (PERT-Canada) and the Protestant Church of Wallisellen (Switzerland).

CDRC needs volunteers on:

  • Feb 15-20 – Sorting of clothes and repacking of goods (9am-6pm)
  • Feb 21 – Relief delivery operation, distribution of seedlings and farm tools, reconstruction of school building and psychosocial activity for kids (6am departure from CDRC office)