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Video: A teacher’s dream


Dec 12


Roger Aumada, a teacher in an Indigenous People’s School in Sitio Mantapay, Brgy. Binondo, Baganga, Davao Oriental, could have easily been one of the casualties of Typhoon Pablo/Bopha.


At the height of the typhoon, at around 3 a.m. of December 6th, Roger heard cries for help from his neighbors. He immediately went out to help his neighbors, especially the young children. On his third trip, he was almost swept away by a strong wind that nearly knocked him off his feet. Luckily, he was able to hold on to a tree that saved his life.


Despite his traumatic experience, Roger tried to set aside his personal emotions, and went on to assist his neighbors and students affected by the typhoon. He became a volunteer for the relief delivery operations of CDRC and MISFI in the area, despite being a victim himself.


But Roger could not contain his feelings when talking about his Pre School and Grade 1 students — all IP children. After the typhoon, they all approached him to ask when they can go back to school. Roger could not answer. Their school was completely destroyed by the typhoon.


Roger decided to seek the help of CDRC and MISFI to help raise funds to rebuild the IP School. They need temporary structures (tents), building materials (wood, nails, roofing, etc.), school equipment (blackboards, chairs, tables, etc.), and school supplies (books, notebooks, pencils, bags, etc.).


Find out how you can help rebuild the IP school: