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Project Kick-off for Health and DRR Project


Mar 16


7-11 March 2016 – Citizens’ Disaster Response Center Foundation, Inc. (CDRC), Southern Tagalog People’s Response Center (STPRC), Center for People’s Resources and Services (CPRS) and Panay Center for Disaster Response (PCDR) executive directors and project staff gather at the CDRC Conference Room for Phase 2 of action medeor and Aktion Deutschland Hilft (ADH)-supported project entitled Improving Health Care and Disaster Response Capacities in Community-Level in 11 Typhoon-Affected Communities in Negros Occidental, Mindoro Occidental and Iloilo, Philippines.

After signing the Memorandum of Agreement between partners, the attendees finished Project Management Training (PMT) facilitated by the Management Advancement Systems Association, Inc. (MASAI) and Basic Health Orientation given by the Advocates for Community Health (Advocates).

Improving Health Care and DR Capacities Project Kick-off
Project Management Training, Day 1

Day 2, Project Management Training
Basic Health Orientation